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May 2020

Firewood for sale - cheap! Firewood sign

If you need some firewood for a camping trip or bonfire, look no further! We have bundles of hand-split, organically-grown wood, taken from the trees here on our farm. Variety of sizes included in each bundle. $4 each.

Jan 2016

Help Wanted - Looking for help Humorous character of the poopsmith

If you are interested in making some money cleaning stalls and helping with horses (or, if you know someone who might be), please let us know by visiting our contact page or send us a post on Facebook.

Xmas 2011

Jake and Eddie go for the ultimate ride! Jake and Eddie help Santa
Our dog, Jake, and our horse, Eddie, never fail to get into the spirit of Christmas each year, and they always appear on our annual Christmas card, shown demonstrating their holiday spirit in one way or another. There have been many different scenes in year's past: Eddie and Jake baking Christmas cookies together, wrapping presents, tabogganing, and they've even been spotted at the mall doing a little last-minute shopping.

This year, they got the chance of a lifetime to give Santa a hand delivering presents, and actually got to ride in the sleigh with “the Big Guy” as he travelled across the globe. Well....Jake was with Santa in the Sleigh, but Eddie had to help pull it because several of the reindeer were out with the flu (that's the real reason Rudolph's nose was so red!).

If you'd like to check out their Christmas card photos from prior years, please visit the Christmas cards section of our Photos page.

June 2007

Shooting Star Farm featured on morning news. On June 14, our farm was featured on local ABC news affiliate channel 13 (WHAM). Kyle Clark was the reporter who came on site early that morning, and he did an excellent job covering both the people and horses from our barn.

The different news segments that played throughout the morning can be viewed by clicking the appropriate link below. We are very appreciative of Dr. Bonny Henderson for explaining and demonstrating equine chirporactic therapy, Emily Carll for her discussion of techniques to use in bomb-proofing a horse, Jen Silvernail for helping to coordinate the morning, and Gillian Carll and Pat Maginn for their help leading the horses out. Thanks a ton!

Jan 2007

Pictures of the ice storm (2007). On Martin Luther King Jr. day (Monday, Jan. 15), we had a nasty ice storm pass through our area. The storm started in the Southwest and migrated northeast to the Great Lakes region. It was nowhere near as devastating as the big ice storm of 1991, and thankfully it only caused a modest amount of damage. The ice formations made for some spectacular pictures, and a few are included in the slide show below. You can pause the slide show at any point by hovering the mouse over a picture.

Xmas 2006

Gift wrapping services now available. Jake and Eddie helping Santa
In an effort to provide Santa Claus with some much needed relief, our dog, Jake, and our colt, “Eddie”, pitched in and helped by wrapping a record number of Christmas gifts. The picture above shows them in action with a present for some lucky child. They enjoyed it so much, they've decided to continue and offer wrapping services for other events through the year, like birthdays and anniversaries. Their fees are really cheap...2 cookies apiece for each gift!

Dec 2006

Livingston County mounted patrol gives 4-H demonstration. Mounted patrol demo On Saturday, Dec. 9, we were fortunate enough to have members of the mounted patrol from both the Livingston county (NY) Sheriff's department, and the Rochester city police, come to our barn and give a demonstration. There was a good turnout and a few of our boarders actually got to join in and ride alongside the police horses.

Here is a short video clip showing the horses joining up in formation, making turns in synchronization. The video will open up in a new window, and is just under 1 minute long.

Eddie showing off During the demonstration, our 3 year old, Eddie, provided us with a little sideshow entertainment. He found the mounted patrol quite fascinating, but at times he got bored (which is usually not a good thing!) and found a way to show just how talented he is. Here's a short (about 1 minute) clip that's good for a laugh!