Shooting star

Shooting Star Farm in Livonia, NY, has truly been a wish-come-true for us.  From the start, with our providential stumbling upon the land for sale that would eventually become our farm and home, the farm seems to be a destiny that somehow found us instead of the other way around.

After we found the parcel of land we had long been looking for, we began building in the spring of 2002 and moved in later that fall (with our horses moving in shortly thereafter).  The construction continues to this day, as there are always “little projects” and improvements to tackle.  But for the most part, the major work has been finished and we have a wonderful horse farm that we are proud of and that we, along with our boarders and friends, thoroughly enjoy.

View looking West as construction began in 2002


...and after

Horses grazing in
          what are now the Summer pastures

Shooting Star Farm is a full-service horse boarding and riding facility located in western New York in the town of Livonia, near to the hamlet of Lakeville.  The SUNY Geneseo campus is about 7 miles from us, and we're about 20 minutes away from Henrietta and Rochester.  We set ourselves apart with the level of care and personal attention that we give to both the horses boarding with us and their owners.  We have boarders of all different ages and riding disciplines, who enjoy a casual and supportive atmosphere that we are proud to provide.

Custom map of Shooting Star
          Farm with other points of interest

Whether you are a prospective boarder, a current boarder, or just a visitor with an interest in horses, we hope you enjoy our Web site.  There is information about our horse boarding facilities, our approach to horse care and training, and clinics and other events as they are scheduled.  Please use the Contact Us link if you are interested in boarding here at Shooting Star Farm, or if you have any general feedback about our Web site.